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Classics Bundle

Classics Bundle

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Pick 3, OR 5 8oz glass jars candles of your choice and write them in notes section of your cart

Classics Candle List

1)Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost (LoTR)

2)How Ardently I Love and Admire You (Pride & Prejudice)

3)For Where All Love Is the Speaking is Unnecessary (Outlander)

4)We're All Mad Here (Alice in Wonderland)

5)The Whole World Is a Garden (The Secret Garden)

6)To Define is to Limit (Dorian Grey)

7)As You Wish (The Princess Bride)

8) True Friends are always together in Spirit (Anne of Green Gables)

9) One Ring to Rule Them All (LoTR)

10)I am Fearless and Therefore Powerful (Frankenstein)

11) Wuthering Heights

12) Once Upon A December (Anastasia)



1} Add bundle to cart

2} Write: 1/2/3 < for a bundle of 3 in this format into notes section

You can add as many bundles to the cart as you'd like. Please make sure to write the candle names into your note section or you will be given a random candle.

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